The importance of good care in the last years, months, days and hours of life cannot be overestimated both for the person who is dying and for those important to them.  Everyone approaching the end of life has the right to the highest quality care and support.

At Tarporley Hospital, our Nurses truly have the time to care.

Good end of life care supports people and those important to them to have a good quality of life, with pain and other symptoms well-managed up to and including the last days and hours of life.  Dignity and choice are central to this, as what is important to each individual in the last phase of their life will be different.

A number of our patients and their families chose Tarporley Hospital as the place they would like to spend their remaining time.

We work very closely with the G.P.’s to focus on effective symptom control, whilst maintaining dignity and respect and to care and maximise quality of life.

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