Using the wonderful facilities of Tarporley Community Centre, the “Friends of Eaton Team” lead by Mike & Mary Wilson, once again put on a fabulous evening of music & food to raise funds for the Tarporley Hospital Centenary Appeal.

After last year’s similar event using Cotebrook Village Hall (a sell out of 100 tickets) it was no surprise that no advertising was needed to ensure that the latest event, held in a bigger venue for a larger audience and dance area, would also sell out the 140 tickets available.
The key ingredient is the talent of the “Cover All Bases” band which is made up of professional musicians from the BBC Philharmonic based in Manchester. Made up of 10 multi talented musicians the band is lead by lead singers Ronan Dunne and Ellie Owen, both locals, who bring songs from the ’70’s to modern tastes. This band love to occasionally get away from their day job of wonderful classical music to let rip with songs of all genres.

Surprise guests, The Eatonians, lead by Peter Holloway, felt honoured to have such a star billing to back them up and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to perform one of their songs
The other key element is the 2 course meal served up by Mary, Amanda Harris and an amazing team of helpers working many hours before to make sure that the meal quality is excellent, served out in record time to all attending.

In handing over the cheque for £1,560 to Hospital Events Manager Sophie Thompson, Mike gave all the credit to the wonderful team that has built up over the years inland around the small village of Eaton, who see the Hospital as their key charity to support.

Keep your eye out for a repeat in the future !!!

Photos Credits to John Cole



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