To help us achieve our £1 Million goal, we are going to need all the help we can get, and there are many ways that you can get involved.

Be a part of what we do…

Whether it’s attending, supporting, sponsoring or volunteering, playing a part of our fundraising events is a great way to be involved.

Become a regular…

We don’t mean become a patient at the Hospital!!! We’re talking about signing up to our regular giving scheme. Having you commit to a regular donation means that we can plan and forecast for the upcoming year. The best and most cost efficient way is to set up a direct debit or standing order directly with the hospital as we get 100% of your donation. And don’t forget if you pay tax please remember to tick the Gift Aid box too as the government will increase your gift by 25% at NO COST TO YOU!

Go it alone…

Getting to be 100 years old is a pretty special achievement for anyone, so why not hold your own special event for the Hospital, whether it is the “first” or the “largest” of something, it will be pretty spectacular.

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