VACANCY FOR STAFF NURSE – 30 hours fixed term contract for 12 months with the potential of becoming permanent.

We always go the extra mile for our patients, if you do too, please join us……

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital is dedicated to the wellbeing of the community.  We understand that each patient and their loved ones are all unique individuals, and therefore our journey with them is all the more special.  Above all we are about being the HEART of the Community.  At Tarporley 100% of our team have said that the care of our patients in the hospital is our top priority, and that is why 100% of our team would recommend the Hospital as a place to work.

We are looking for Registered Nurses who are highly motivated, professional individuals to join our clinical team.   We are a small, friendly nurse-led unit, which provides care for up to 16 in-patients, specialising in the rehabilitation of the older person, intermediate care, respite, and supporting terminally ill and palliative patients.  We currently have 2 opportunities available for part-time Registered Nurses, Post 1  to work 30 hours per week, on a fixed-term contract for 12 months with the potential of becoming permanent, and Post 2 to work 29 hours per week, both posts working various shift patterns to include 12 hour shifts, rotating days/nights.  Come and enjoy working in an atmosphere that is conducive to providing a quiet, calm and compassionate care.  Dependent on experience we can offer a salary ranging from £22,128.00 – £28,746.00 pro rata, with enhanced payments for weekends, nights and bank holidays.  We can offer current NHS staff continuation of pension, comparative annual leave allowance linked to long service, and support with Perceptorship, ongoing supervision, support with revalidation, and continued Professional Development.  We are also able to offer free uniform and free parking.

If you think you are now ready for a change from the hustle and bustle of the acute sector, and are looking for somewhere to deliver that care you strive to give, in the comfort of a permanent setting and not having to be transferred from ward to ward then Tarporley is the place for you.  For an informal chat or to arrange a visit, please contact Pam Brown, PA/Administration Assistant on 01829 732436.


Job Description

Job Information
  Job Title: Staff Nurse
  Pay Scale £22,128.00 – £28,746.00
  Accountable to: Managing Director
  Reports to: Hospital Sister
  Base Location: Tarporley War Memorial Hospital


 Job Summary
To work with and support all members of the clinical team within the Multi-Disciplinary framework. To deliver high quality care which is clinically effective, evidence based and patient centred. The post holder will be expected to work collaboratively and co-operatively with other Allied Health professionals to meet the needs of the patients. The post holder will also be expected to take an active part in the leadership, education, development and supervision of other team members. The individual must maintain confidentiality at all times. They must be aware of the Hospital policies and adhere to them and all relevant standard operational procedures. An important aspect of the role is undertaking a wound assessment clinic.
Key responsibilities
The post holder will:

  • Provide co-ordination of the ward on a day to day basis including planning, allocation and evaluation of work carried out by teams or individuals and self.
  • Provide specialist knowledge to all colleagues on the ward.
  • Will promote a critical, analytical approach to the delivery of nursing care ensuring that the ward environment is responsive to current issues.
  • In support of the Senior Nursing team, will assist in the review and update of procedures and protocols relating to the care of patients.
  • Develop methods for identifying, maintaining and improving the quality of patient care through facilitation of best practice and clinical benchmarking.
  • Ensure due regard is given to the customs, values, and spiritual beliefs of patients.
  • Explore and undertake expanded practice to optimise patient care as required within the Hospital in accordance with Hospital policies.
Management/Leadership responsibilities
  • Exercise effective leadership acting as an exemplary role model for the nursing team.
  • Support the senior nursing team in maintaining adequate staff cover and skill mix through effective use of staffing rotas.
  • Ensure effective communication with patients and their carers.
  • Liaise with nursing, medical and allied health professional colleagues to ensure that all facets of the patients` care are covered.
  • Ensure that the ward environment participates in maintaining standards relating to clinical governance.
  • Support the implementation of risk management policies within the ward and clinic environment, including the implementation of action plans to address identified risks.
  • Ensure effective communication with relatives, community nursing staff, other hospitals and local agencies to facilitate the smooth transfer and after-care of patients/clients.
  • With support of the senior nursing team, ensures outcomes and action plans following patient complaints are implemented and monitored.
  • In conjunction with the senior nursing team will ensure compliance with Trust policies and procedures.
  • Support the development/performance of staff that are identified by the senior nursing team, ensuring that their learning needs are being met within a supervised practice relationship.
  • In conjunction with the senior nursing team contribute to planning, monitoring and control of resources.
  • Contribute to nursing developments within the Hospital via appropriate forums as required.
  • Deputises for the senior nursing team as required.
Clinical Responsibilities
  • Perform comprehensive assessments of patient nursing needs; plan, implement and evaluate care delivery according to changing health care needs.
  • Involve patients and families/carers in planning and delivery of care providing reassurance and support to assist their understanding and co-operation.
  • Work collaboratively with other health professional and agencies to ensure needs are met in relation to care in-put and support for ongoing care needs.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication with patients, their families and carers, ensuring professional boundaries are kept.
  • To administer and manage drugs as per hospital policies and procedures for medicines management.
  • Recognise and respond appropriately to urgent and emergency situations.
  • Ensure adherence to all National guidelines for palliative care.
  • Preforming of ECGs, venepuncture and catheterisation.
professional Responsibilities
  • Act at all times in a manner that upholds the reputation of the Hospital and safeguards the wellbeing and dignity of patients and their relatives.
  • Act always in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, their guidance documents and maintain active status on NMC Register and act in accordance with living the TWMH values.
  • Take every reasonable opportunity to sustain and improve knowledge.
  • Identify objectives within an appraisal that supports the delivery of high standards of clinical care.
 Clinical Governance / Quality
The post holder will actively support the Hospital’s Clinical Governance agenda. They will participate in achieving the satisfactory completion of the Care Quality Commission’s action plan. The post holder will support through audit monitoring, standards of care and contribute to any identified improvement that may be required. The individual will adhere to and support the Hospital’s mission statement and embrace the Hospital’s vision and values. The post holder will be actively involved in risk management, participate in benchmarking processes, as well as keeping personally up to date in current trends and evidence based practices, thus advancing their own knowledge and skills. The individual will ensure compliance with Hospital policies, procedures and standard operational procedures, for self and others. This will include the expectation that the individual will alert the senior nursing team if practice appears to contravene a policy, or if there are any concerns relating to any aspect of patient care.
Education and Training Development
The post holder will ensure that they complete their mandatory training within the stated timescales. The individual will be responsible for developing their own skills and knowledge as identified in their appraisal. They must attend any educational and training sessions as deemed appropriate by their line manager.


The post holder will collaborate with the senior nursing team to develop and promote an effective and responsive clinical learning environment. The individual will support the initiation of nursing audit, assisting with the implementation of findings where appropriate. This will contribute to the assurance that care is, wherever possible is evidence based. Contribute to the development of competency based training packages for use within the Hospital, inclusive of preceptorship, pre and post registration nurses. The post holder will act as a mentor for all pre and post registration nurses and health care assistants. The individual will actively take a lead for a specific function or area of knowledge/skills within the nursing team.

Equality and Diversity
It is the responsibility of every member of staff to understand our equality and diversity commitments and statutory obligations, and to:

Act in ways that support equality and diversity and recognises the importance of people’s rights in accordance with legislation, policies, procedures, and good practice.

Valuing people as individuals and treating everyone with dignity and respect, consideration and without prejudice, respecting diversity, and recognising peoples expressed beliefs, preferences, and choices in working with others and delivering appropriate services.

Recognise and report behaviour that undermines equality under the Hospital policy.

Be consciously aware of your own behaviour and encourage the same levels of behaviour in colleagues.

Acknowledge others’ different perspectives and recognise the diverse needs and experiences of everyone they come into contact with.

With the support of managers create an environment that embraces equality and diversity. This will be achieved by completing mandatory training and keeping up to date with changes in statutory and legal legislations.

Infection Prevention & Control
All staff will adhere to infection control policies and procedures at all times and carry out role-specific duties as per identified roles and responsibilities.
Confidentiality/Data Protection regarding all personal information must be maintained at all times (both in and out of working hours).  All staff should ensure that they are familiar with and adhere to all Hospital privacy, confidentiality and security policies and procedures.  Any breach of confidentiality will be taken seriously and appropriate disciplinary action taken.
Freedom of Information
In accordance with Freedom of Information and other associated legislation, the Hospital may be required to make public recorded information available upon a request, or do this as part of a publication scheme.  Please note, that in your public role, your name or job role may be contained in a document that is published in accordance with such legislation. However, your permission would be sought first.
 Management of Risk & Health and Safety
All employees have a duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury to themselves or to others and to co-operate with the Hospital in meeting its statutory requirements.

All employees will proactively contribute to the management of risk by identifying hazards in the workplace which have the potential to cause harm, raising issues of concern and risk to the appropriate level.  The individual must adhere to the incident reporting policy. They must be aware of and trained in the use of any equipment utilised within the clinical areas. This will include the reporting of any faults that are found, immediately to the senior member of staff on duty.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
All Hospital employees are required to act in such a way that at all times safeguards the health and well being of children and vulnerable adults.  Familiarisation with and adherence to Hospital’s Safeguarding policies is an essential requirement of all employees, as is participation and completion of related mandatory/statutory training.
IT Skills
All staff are expected to have or to gain a minimum of basic level IT skills to enable them to use the Hospital’s IT systems to support Hospital’s services and needs.  All staff should be familiar with relevant IT systems and security policies and procedures.
Records Management
All staff are personally responsible for record keeping.  A record is anything that contains information in any medium e.g. paper, tapes, computer information, etc. which have been created or gathered as a result of any Hospital activity.  All individuals within the Hospital are responsible for any records they create or use. The individuals must ensure that records are retained in accordance with the Records Management Policy and are stored in a manner that allows them to be easily located in the event of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.
Information Quality
All staff must ensure complete and accurate data is collected to the highest standard at all times. Data collection should be supported by adequate documentation and processes should be regularly reviewed. Staff should ensure that processes conform to national standards and are fit for purpose.  All staff should comply with the Information Quality Policy.
Administration Responsibility

All staff will ensure good housekeeping, ensuring a provision of a safe environment. They will contribute to ensuring the safe filing of patients’ records adhering to the Hospital’s policies and procedures. Staff will also answer telephone calls in a professional and courteous manner, relaying information accurately to colleagues.

Human Resource
Staff will be flexible in their working hours in an attempt to meet service needs and demands of the hospital. All staff will be familiar with rostering procedures and will be responsible for ensuring they manage their own holiday entitlement within the calendar year. All staff will be familiar with any absence reporting and monitoring and recognise their role and responsibility in accordance with the Hospital’s policy.

All staff will familiarise themselves and adhere to the Hospital’s policies, these include, Human Resource, Clinical and Governance policies.

Financial Responsibility
All staff must utilise all resources effectively, be aware of the importance of cost effectiveness, and ensure reduction in resource wastage.
 Change of Job Description
The duties outlined above are not intended to be exhaustive and may change as the needs of the department alter in line with current agendas.  This job description will be subject to periodic review and amendment in accordance with the needs of the Hospital.


Person Specification      
  Qualifications Essential Desirable Assessment
1 Registered Nurse, current NMC registration Yes
2 Teaching and Assessing/Mentorship Qualification Yes
3 1st Level degree Yes
  Experience Essential Desirable Assessment
4 Managerial experience Yes
5 12 months working within a Community Setting Yes
6 12 months Working within an Acute Health Care setting Yes
7 Of Palliative/End of Life Care Yes
  Knowledge Essential Desirable Assessment
8 Awareness of Current Health Care trends and Challenges Yes
9 Awareness of Health and Healthy lifestyles Promotion Yes
10 Awareness of Safeguarding of Adults and Children Yes
  Skills Essential Desirable Assessment
11 Excellent communication skills Yes
12 English Language and Numeracy skills Yes
13 Basic  Computer skills Yes
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