The story of Tarporley War Memorial Hospital
  • 1919

    The hospital opens

    The Tarporley & District War Memorial Cottage Hospital first opened in a former residential property on Park Road, Tarporley. A ward in the form of an ex-army hut was attached to the side of the house. The first doctor in charge of treatment at the Hospital was Dr C.M. Hewer, FRCS, and the wards were staffed by a Matron and two Nurses. Our History 1931 – Dr P.A. Campbell arrived on the scene and took over from Dr Hewer who was nearing retirement age.

  • 1931

    Dr P A Campbell's Arrival

    Dr P.A. Campbell arrived on the scene and took over from Dr Hewer who was nearing retirement age.

  • 1937

    Female ward added

    A new Female Ward and Operating Theatre were added as a result of a substantial bequest from the de Knoop family in memory of their son. Patients continued to receive excellent treatment and surgical operations were performed by Dr Campbell, assisted by Dr Arthur of Bunbury.

  • 1948

    Local finance

    Until 1948 the Hospital was financed by local voluntary contributions, but then the NHS took over the whole building and its surrounding lands.

  • 1970

    Threat of closure

    Small hospitals throughout the country were coming under threat of closure and Tarporley was no exception.

  • 1978

    Save our Hospital

    The people of Tarporley and surrounding villages began a ‘Save our Hospital’ campaign, and The League of Friends was formed to lead the fight.

  • 1982

    Hospital improvements

    The first major project to improve the Hospital took place in the form of a New Day Room, which was erected at the rear of the Male Ward. This was financed by the League of Friends and named the Bibby Room after Lady Bibby who opened it and contributed towards it. This enabled walking patients to relax, read, partake of Occupational Therapy and watch TV etc. It also enabled day patients to attend.

  • 1987

    The league of Friends

    Sir Donald Wilson (NHS), Dr Sandy Campbell (Hospital Doctor) and Mr Barry Evans (Chairman of the League of Friends), met on numerous occasions and eventually in 1987 a compromise was reached. The NHS sold off the surrounding land, handed over the Hospital to a newly formed Trust and made a grant of £55,000 towards a complete re-build.

    The league of Friends matched this offer and the combined sum allowed for the Male Ward to be completely rebuilt, the Female Ward to be renovated and five single rooms, one double room and a physiotherapy room to be added.

  • 2001

    Hospital Facilities Adapted

    The Kitchen, Physiotherapy Room, Mortuary and many other features were adapted and added to the Hospital, financed by a generous bequest from Mr. Reg Clarke of Bunbury.

  • Independent Charitable Trust

    The Hospital remained an Independent Charitable Trust and, despite working closely with the NHS, the annual grant had diminished to just over 30% of the Hospital’s overall running costs. We relied on donations and fundraising to secure the remaining 70% of our running costs.

  • 2019


    Tarporley War Memorial Hospital celebrated its centenary.

  • 2022


    Tarporley War Memorial Hospital Trust has partnered with the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which has developed a rural hub at the premises in Tarporley for the provision of health and social care services in the community. Some outpatient services are also  provided from the premises.


    TWMH Trust is here to benefit the health and wellbeing of the local community, at every stage of life. We work in partnership with others and offer funding support to enhance health and social care services, going above and beyond what the NHS provides.

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