Payroll Giving or Give As Your Earn, is one of the simplest ways of making regular donations on a tax free basis to your chosen charity, and anyone who is paid through payroll is eligible.

Payroll Giving is deducted before tax, so for every £1 that you donate, it will only cost you 80p (or 60p if you’re a 40% tax payer).

As an employer, setting up a Payroll Giving Scheme is relatively simple, and is a great way to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibilities; you can aim to have a certain percentage of staff signed up in the first year for example.

All you would need to do it sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency (an approved list from, can be found here and that agency will distribute the funds to the charities nominated by your employees.

For staff to get involved, all they need to do is to complete a form with the amount they would like to donate, the name of their chosen charity and the frequency of their donation. Employees can opt to make a one off donation if they were to receive a bonus, however, regular monthly giving is more popular.

Committing to regular donations to the Hospital makes such a huge difference to the patients and staff. Here are some of the things that your money can pay for.

£15 per month will pay for meals for 1 day for 1 of our patients.

£30 per month will pay for 1 person to attend Day Care each week.

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