At Tarporley Hospital, we run a wound assessment clinic five days a week to ensure that your wounds are assessed, and dressed (if required) in a clean environment, and without having to travel to a large Hospital. You can rest assured knowing that you are being treated in a safe clinical environment, by a qualified, health care professional.

Who is it for?

Our wound assessment clinic is for patients of the two Tarporley GP’s practices (Dr Campbell and Dr Adey).

What can we treat?

  • Removal of stitches/clips
  • Post-operative wound assessments/ dressing changes/ evaluation of dissolvable stiches
  • Application of dressings/ creams or redressing of minor burns
  • Redressing of scrapes
  • Wound checks
  • Wound cleaning
  • Superficial wounds with no sign of infection
  • Treatment of and redressing of ulcerations

Appointment Times

Our wound assessment clinic runs Monday to Friday with the first appointment starting at 1:30 PM and the last appointment starting at 3:50 PM.

How To Book

All wound assessment clinic appointments are to be booked over the phone, where the receptionist will ask for your name, telephone number, the name of your GP and the reason for your appointment. We will then endeavour to give you an appointment on a convenient day and time.

Please note: If you are booking an appointment for the removal of clips or stiches, then please ensure that you bring any clip removers with you that will have been given to you by the Hospital upon discharge. It is very important that you bring your Transfer of Care letter with you, or we will not be able to treat you. Your Transfer of Care letter will be given to you upon discharge from Hospital.

If we are unable to give you an appropriate time or day for your appointment, then please call Extended Hours on 0300 123 7743.

Contact Us

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